The Bathroom Remodeling Company That Will Have You Floored!

When people decide to have certain areas of their homes fully renovated, there typically isn’t any other field of expertise that they would expect of the contractors that they hire. Say, in getting kitchens overhauled, outfitted to nines again, the hired company would be expected to take care of the plumbing, the carpentry, the fixtures installation, and the design—a cohesive overall design, the big picture, so to speak. But in the case of bathroom remodeling extraordinaire, Dad's Flooring & Remodeling LLC of Yuma, AZ, you’re getting quite a bit more with kitchen remodeling and a variety of flooring services!

Flooring Installation Contractors

Bathroom Remodeling

Want to take down the old shower walls for a new glass separation? Want to level off the floors? Want to replace the sink? Whatever you want to be done in your bathroom, we’ve got it covered!

Kitchen Remodeling

Let your creativity and imagination run wild with your preferred color palette, countertop and backsplash options, and cupboard finishes. We can do it all—from little touches, like adding crown molding along the top cabinets, to big changes, like transferring the island and switching up to wood flooring.

Ceramic and Hardwood Flooring

Whether you’re more partial to ceramic flooring for the more classic look or hardwood flooring for the more spa-like ambience, we have fully stocked product options for both.

Travertine and Saltillo Tile Flooring

To keep things interesting, we also have a few quirkier tile flooring variants. Our installation of travertine tiles will make the whole space look like it’s straight from the Regency Era while that of saltillo tiles will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into a beautiful Mexican fairy tale.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you prefer more cost-effective options but still want it to mimic the look of wood or other material, you will definitely enjoy our vinyl flooring choices.

So if you’re looking to have remodelers from the areas of who know the ins and outs of renovation and the right kind of floors to tie it all together, go for Dad's Flooring & Remodeling LLC and call them at (928) 307-3233 right now!

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